You asked: What empires greatly influenced the culture of Southeast Asia Brainly?

Which 4 cultures had the greatest influence on Southeast Asia?

Many of the great early civilizations of Southeast Asia-such as the Funan, the Chams in present-day Vietnam and the Khmer’s in present-day Cambodia—were strongly influenced by India and Hinduism.

How did geography influence culture in Southeast Asia?

Geography influences the history and culture of Southeast Asia and of Korea because, since they are near the pacific oceans so they can have better trade due to their sea trade.

What are the major ethnic groups in Southeast Asia?

Ethnic groups of Southeast Asia

  • Mon people.
  • Palaung people.
  • Wa people.
  • Khmer people.
  • Bahnar people.
  • Katuic peoples.
  • Pear people.
  • Khmu people.

Why did Western powers want colonies in Southeast Asia?

As the primary motivation for the first phase was the mere accumulation of wealth, the reasons for and degree of European interference during the second phase are dictated by geo-strategic rivalries, the need to defend and grow spheres of interest, competition for commercial outlets, long term control of resources and …

What is the importance of material culture in Southeast Asia countries?

Answer: ExpStudying the physical objects of a culture gives us a better understanding and appreciation for the complex lives of the people who interacted with those objects. … Material culture provides us insight into nonmaterial culture, which includes the ideas, beliefs, habits and values of a people.

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In what ways did imperialism affect Southeast Asia?

How did imperialism impact southeast Asia? Southeast Asian economies became based on cash crops. Roads, harbors, rail systems, and improved communication was established. Education, health, and sanitation improved.

How has China influenced the cultures of East Asia?

Imperial China was certainly the source of considerable cultural, as well as political, influence throughout East Asia. It contributed elements of Confucian statecraft and a popular Confucian religion, as well as Confucian ethics in family and personal relations, to the surrounding states.

How did colonialism affect Southeast Asia?

Colonialism altered the theme of the Southeast Asian history. … The impact of colonialism was felt in the economic, social and political domains. In some cases, western powers destroyed local indigenous democracies even as they attempted to implant western values.

What religions influenced Southeast Asia?

Hinduism and Buddhism exerted an enormous influence on the civilizations of Southeast Asia and contributed greatly to the development of a written tradition in that area. About the beginning of the Common Era, Indian merchants may have settled there, bringing Brahmans and Buddhist monks with them.

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