You asked: How can I upgrade my driver’s license to professional in the Philippines?

How many months is non pro to professional license?

Valid Non-Professional Driver’s License issued at least one year before the date of application. Under the new policy, new drivers can no longer apply for a professional license six months after being issued a student permit.

How can I change my driving license status in Philippines?

Requirements for change of status

  1. Personal appearance.
  2. Confirmed appointment.
  3. Duly accomplished application form.
  4. Original Marriage Certificate authenticated by the PSA.
  5. Current passport with photocopy of the biodata page.
  6. Two valid IDs with one photocopy each – with married name, if possible.
  7. Proof of payment.

What is the requirements for professional license?

QUALIFICATIONS you need to apply for a Professional driver’s license

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Must be literate in either Filipino or English.

How much is the penalty for expired driver license in Philippines?

Renewal of expired license (More than 2 years): License Fee: Php585. 00. Penalty: Php225.

How do I change my driver’s license status?

For change of civil status, the applicant needs to submit his duly accomplished ADL and current driver’s license. If married, he needs to submit a photocopy and original copy of his marriage contract.

1. Preparing the required documents

  1. Change name.
  2. Correction of birth date or name.
  3. Change citizenship.
  4. Civil status.
  5. Address.
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How much is the transfer of ownership in LTO?

LTO transfer of ownership fee

Normally, the fee of Motor Vehicle Users Charge (MVUC) for private cars is between Php 1,600 and 12,000.

What is restriction 4 in LTO?

An LTO driver’s license legalizes you to drive motorbikes, tricycles, motor vehicles or cars, and articulated vehicles or trucks in the country.

2. LTO Driver License Restrictions.

Restriction Code Allowed Vehicles
Restriction 4 Automatic transmission up to 4500 kg GVW
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