Who made WOW Philippines?

Many have called for the return to ‘Wow Philippines’ tagline of eight years, created by BBDO Guerrero.

Why is wow in the Philippines?

Wow Philippines (stylized as WOW Philippines) was a tourism marketing campaign used to promote Tourism in the Philippines. The name of the campaign also served as the tagline of the campaign.

What is Japan’s slogan?

Hakkō ichiu (八紘一宇, “eight crown cords, one roof”, i.e. “all the world under one roof”) or Hakkō iu (八紘爲宇, Shinjitai: 八紘為宇) was a Japanese political slogan meaning the divine right of the Empire of Japan to “unify the eight corners of the world”.

Hakkō ichiu
Kana はっこういう
Kyūjitai 八紘爲宇
Shinjitai 八紘為宇

How can I be a responsible tourist slogan?

A few slogans for environmentally sustainable tourism are:

  1. Greener and Cleaner Place – Your Dream, Your Destination.
  2. Plan a Green Vacation.
  3. Leave no garbage, but your footprints and memories.
  4. Safeguard your place today to make it sustainable tomorrow.
  5. Lower your carbon footprint, increase your footprints.
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