Who is Thailand Deputy Prime Minister?

Who is our present Deputy Prime Minister?

Lal Krishna Advani was the seventh and last person to serve as the deputy prime minister of India until the post became vacant. The current government does not have a deputy prime minister and the post has been vacant since 23 May 2004.

Who is the new Thailand prime minister?

Throughout the post’s existence it has mostly been occupied by military leaders from the Royal Thai Army, three holding the rank of field marshal and seven the rank of general. The post of prime minister is currently held by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, who was formally appointed to the office on 24 August 2014.

Who is the vice president of Thailand?

Deputy prime ministers

Office Name Appointment
Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul 10 July 2019
Deputy Prime Minister Jurin Laksanawisit 10 July 2019
Deputy Prime Minister Don Pramudwinai 6 August 2020
Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapong Punmeechaow 6 August 2020

Who was the last deputy prime minister?

This means that it is up to the Prime Minister to choose whether or not he/she wants to have a deputy. The position was created in 1942 and Clement Attlee was the first Deputy Prime Minister. There has been no Deputy Prime Minister since 2015. The last person to hold this post was Nick Clegg.

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Who is the present deputy chief minister of Karnataka?

List of deputy chief ministers of Karnataka

Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka
Emblem of Govt. of Karnataka
Incumbent Vacant since 26 July 2021
Appointer Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister
Precursor Govind Karjol, C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Laxman Savadi

Is Thailand ruled by a king?

Who runs Thailand’s government?

Government of Thailand

Royal Thai Government
Leader Prime Minister
Appointed by HM The King of Thailand
Main organ Cabinet
Responsible to National Assembly of Thailand

Which country has the oldest world leader currently in power?

10 oldest serving state leaders

Rank Name Position
1 Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms
2 Paul Biya President of Cameroon
3 Michel Aoun President of Lebanon
4 Mahmoud Abbas President of the Palestinian National Authority, President of the State of Palestine

What is the name of the President in Thailand?

President of the National Assembly of Thailand

President of the National Assembly ประธานรัฐสภา
Seal of the Parliament of Thailand
Standard of the President of the National Assembly of Thailand
Incumbent Chuan Leekpai since 28 May 2019
Style Mr. President / Than Prathan Thi Khao Rop

What language do you speak in Thailand?

Thai language, also called Siamese, the standard spoken and literary language of Thailand, belonging to the Tai language family of Southeast Asia.

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