Which hand it is considered disrespectful to give or receive gifts from in Indonesia?

When shaking hands, offering a gift, giving or receiving something, eating, pointing or touching someone, among other things, it is considered proper etiquette to only use the right hand. Using the left hand can be seen as impolite and offensive.

Why is the left hand considered unclean?

Although Westerners are used to using both hands in everyday life, it is important to be conscious of using each hand for different activities. In Indian culture, the left hand is considered unclean because it is the hand used when going to the bathroom, for cleaning one’s feet and other “dirty” activities.

What does shaking hands with left hand mean?

It is a sign of respect to grasp the right arm with the left hand when shaking hands. It is also disrespectful to have your free hand in your pocket while shaking hands. … It is considered disrespectful, rude, or ignorant to offer to shake hands with your left hand, even in American culture.

Is it rude to eat left-handed?

There is no difference for lefthanded people, since neither utensil requires any special dexterity — you use your left hand to stab the food and bring it to your mouth, and right to cut stuff. In formal dining etiquette, the rules are somewhat lengthy, but they are straightforward and consistent.

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What should you not wear in Indonesia?

Our advice is to avoid wearing revealing clothes as a mark of respect to the country’s predominantly Muslim values. A long skirt or pants with a loose cotton shirt with sleeves would all work well and will protect you from the sun. … At such times, we‘d recommend you wear a kaftan or sarong at the least.

What cultures dont shake hands?

In some Asian countries, a hard handshake is considered rude. In Vietnam, you should only shake hands with someone who’s your equal in age or rank. In Thailand, instead of shaking hands, you’re more likely to bow with your hands together and up to your chest.

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