Which country colonized Vietnam prior to WWII?

Vietnam became a French colony in 1877 with the founding of French Indochina, which included Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China and Cambodia. (Laos was added in 1893.) The French lost control of their colony briefly during World War II, when Japanese troops occupied Vietnam.

Who colonized Vietnam before WWII?

French Indochina

Indochinese Union Union indochinoise (French) Liên bang Đông Dương (Vietnamese) សហភាពឥណ្ឌូចិន (Khmer) ສະຫະພາບອິນໂດຈີນ (Lao)
Status Federation of French colonial possessions
Capital Saigon (1887–1902; 1945–1954) Hanoi (1902–1945)
Common languages French (official) Vietnamese Khmer Lao Cantonese Tây Bồi

What country was Vietnam a colony of prior to WWII?

Vietnam War Quiz

Question Answer
Vietnam was a colony of what country prior to World War II? France
Who was the leader of the communist government in North Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
When the French pulled out of Southern Vietnam, what country entered to try and help stop communism from spreading? United States

What was Vietnam before the war?

Before World War Two Vietnam had been part of the French Empire. During World War Two it had been invaded by Japan. … North Vietnam was a communist republic led by Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was a capitalist republic led by Ngo Dinh Diem.

Who had control of Vietnam after WWII?

After World War II and the collapse of Vietnam’s monarchy, France attempted to re-establish its colonial rule but was ultimately defeated in the First Indo-China War. The Geneva Accords in 1954 partitioned the country temporarily in two with a promise of democratic elections in 1956 to reunite the country.

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Why did the US support France instead of Vietnam after ww2?

During World War II (1939–1945), Japan stationed a large number of soldiers in Vietnam and reduced French influence. … The U.S., which initially favored Vietnamese independence, came to support France due to Cold War politics and American fears that an independent Vietnam would be dominated by communists.

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