Where is the oldest house in the Philippines?

Lichauco Heritage House
Architectural style Bahay na Bato
Address 2315 Pedro Gil Street, Santa Ana
Town or city Manila
Country Philippines

Who Built Heritage House?

The house was built in 1891-92 for Mrs. Catherine Bettner, widow of an early citrus pioneer. It was designed by architect John A.

Heritage House (Riverside, California)

Heritage House – Riverside, California
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location 8193 Magnolia Avenue Riverside, California 92504
Coordinates 33.933951°N 117.422781°W
Type Heritage, History

What is the name of the ancestral house of the upper class Maranao?

The Torogan is the ancestral houses of the upper-class Maranao in the Lanao Region of Mindanao. It is the dwelling place of the datu along with his wives and children.

Who is the famous architect in the Philippines?


Born at the turn of the century, National Artist for Architecture Pablo Sebero Antonio pioneered modern Philippine architecture. His basic design is grounded on simplicity, no clutter.

Who among the Filipino architects you admire the most?

One of the first exponents of modernist architecture in the Philippines, Pablo Antonio (1901-1975) is revered as a pioneer and the foremost architect of his time.

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