What percentage of Indonesia is undernourished?

In 2018, around nine percent of the population was undernourished in Indonesia.

What percentage of the population is undernourished in Indonesia?

Indonesia – Prevalence of undernourishment as a share of population. In 2020, prevalence of undernourishment for Indonesia was 6.5 %. Prevalence of undernourishment of Indonesia fell gradually from 19.2 % in 2006 to 6.5 % in 2020.

Which country has the highest percentage of people who are undernourished?

The number of undernourished people (million) in 2010–2012 and 2014–2016 (projected).

By country.

Ranking 1
Country Congo, Democratic Republic of
Percentage of population suffering from undernourishment in 1990-92 29%
Percentage of population suffering from undernourishment in 2004-06 75%

Which country is least undernourished?

Data showing as 5 may signify a prevalence of undernourishment below 5%.

Prevalence of undernourishment (% of population) – Country Ranking.

Rank 1
Country Central African Republic
Value 59.60
Year 2017

Why is Indonesia undernourished?

Causes of the double burden of malnutrition in Indonesia

Increase in national wealth has been accompanied by an increase in food availability, which has doubled the amount of fat consumed per capita. Processed foods are also being consumed in higher rates, particularly in urban areas.

Who is most affected by world hunger?

About Hunger

  • People in poverty. Poverty is the major cause of hunger. …
  • Children. Children are at high risk of hunger because they are dependent on adults for their care. …
  • Farmers. …
  • Women. …
  • Seniors. …
  • Rural Communities. …
  • Urban communities.
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Where do most of the world’s hungry live?

While hunger exists worldwide, 526 million hungry people live in Asia. Over a quarter of the world’s undernourished people live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Almost 1 in 4 people in this region is chronically hungry.

What country has the worst hunger problem?

The DRC surpassed Yemen this year as the world’s worst hunger crisis. Decades of civil war have left millions dead or displaced. The number of severely hungry people skyrocketed from 13M in 2019 to over 27M, due to a toxic mix of conflict, displacement, disease, economic decline, natural disasters and COVID-19.

Does Egypt suffer from hunger?

According to the 2019 Global Hunger Index, Egypt suffers from a moderate level of hunger, ranking 61 of 117 countries, compared to 61 of 119 countries in 2018. Food affordability, quality and safety remain challenges as Egypt continues to rely on global markets for more than half of its staples.

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