What is the name of the best city in Malaysia?

What is the name of the most beautiful city in Malaysia?

Seat of the sultan of Perak since the 15th century, Kuala Kangsar is one of Malaysia’s most stunning royal towns. This peaceful town with a rich Malay culture is home to superb colonial architecture and attractive gardens.

What is the main city of Malaysia?

What are the name of city in Malaysia?

Cities of Malaysia

Name State/FT Local government(s)
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territories Kuala Lumpur City Hall
Ipoh Perak Ipoh City Council
Kuching Sarawak Kuching North City Hall Kuching South City Council
Johor Bahru Johor Johor Bahru City Council

How can I become a city in Malaysia?

“Among the basic criteria for granting City status on a local government is that it has a minimum population of 500,000 and an annual income of not less than RM 100 million. For a municipal status, the minimum population is 150,000 with an annual income of not less than RM 20 million.

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