What is the culture of the Singapore?

Singaporean culture is heavily influenced by Chinese values and one’s ethnicity is a strong social identifier. Singaporeans often attribute social behaviour and characteristics (that extend beyond religious or cultural customs) to people’s race as well.

What are some cultural facts about Singapore?

Singapore’s Culture

75% of Singaporeans are ethnically Chinese, mostly from the Hokkien or Teochew communities. An estimated 6% of Singaporeans are Tamil, heralding from Southern India, and about 15% are Malay Muslims. That leaves 4% of Singaporeans with mixed or other heritage.

Does Singapore have a unique culture?

Singlish. … One interesting tidbit about it is how the multi-cultural element has imbued Singlish with its unique vocabulary and grammar, being influenced by Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Tamil and other languages found across South, East and Southeast Asia.

What are the cultural norms in Singapore?

Singaporeans tend to be more formal and polite and less physical and personal in their everyday dealings than “westerners”. To avoid losing face Singaporeans will rarely say “no” directly, nor ask a direct question or give a direct order. Equally, “yes” may not always mean they agree.

How do you show respect in Singapore?

A Guide To Cultural Etiquette In Singapore Beyond The Chewing Gum Ban

  1. When in doubt, talk about food. …
  2. Don’t assume you know where somebody is from. …
  3. Learn a few phrases in colloquial Singaporean English, “Singlish” …
  4. Always, always be polite. …
  5. Be open to trying different foods—and consider how you eat them, too.
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