What is Hu Tieu Vietnamese?

In Vietnamese, hu tieu (say “who teeyoo”) means a flat rice noodle — the same ones you get in a bowl of pho — as well as the southern Vietnamese soup. … As if that’s not enough variation, you may have hu tieu with tender rice noodles, snappy egg noodles or chewy tapioca noodles.

Is hu tieu Vietnamese or Cambodian?


Kuyteav as served in a restaurant
Alternative names Kuy teav
Place of origin Cambodia
Region or state Southeast Asia
Associated national cuisine Cambodia

What is hu tieu broth?

Hu tieu is a noodle soup made using pork bone broth and sugar for a sweet undertone. Everything is possible. The soup can contain Vietnamese rice noodles, Chinese egg noodles, round tapioca pearls, meat, shrimp or squid. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself soup.

How do you say Pho in Khmer?

Khmer calls it Khoy Teil, Vietnamese calls it Pho, and English calls it Rice Noodle Soup.

Where did Hu Tieu originate?

How many calories does Hu Tieu have?

Nutritional Summary:

There are 275 calories in 1 serving of Hu Tieu Bo Kho.

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