What does the 1935 Constitution of the Philippines says about language?

The 1935 Constitution Article XIV, Section 3 states that “… Congress shall make necessary steps towards the development of a national language which will be based on one of the existing native languages…” There are two significant words in the statement, namely existing and native.

What does the Philippine Constitution say about the use of English and Filipino as a means of communication in the country?

Section 7. For purposes of communication and instruction, the official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and, until otherwise provided by law, English. … This Constitution shall be promulgated in Filipino and English and shall be translated into major regional languages, Arabic, and Spanish.

What does the 1935 Constitution say?

The 1935 Constitution provided the legal basis of the Commonwealth Government which was considered a transition government before the granting of the Philippine independence with American-inspired constitution; the Philippine government would eventually pattern its government system after American government.

What is the purpose of the 1935 Philippine Constitution?

The Filipino people, imploring the aid of Divine Providence, in order to establish a government that shall embody their ideals, conserve and develop the patrimony of the nation, promote the general welfare, and secure to themselves and their posterity the blessings of independence under a régime of justice, liberty, …

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What was the adopted official language of the country in the 1935 Constitution?

His proposal bore fruit in Article XIII, Section 3 of the 1935 Constitution, which directed the National Assembly to “take steps toward the development and adoption of a common national language based on one of the existing native languages.” It also states that until otherwise provided by law, English and Spanish

What are the amendments of the 1935 Constitution?

A structural change in the legislature was made when the 1935 Constitution was amended in 1940. The amendment abolished the unicameral legislature and, in its place, a bicameral legislative body was created composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What is the effectivity of the 1935 Constitution?

The 1935 Constitution was ratified by the Filipino people through a national plebiscite, on May 14, 1935 and came into full force and effect on November 15, 1935 with the inauguration of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. … In 1940, the 1935 Constitution was amended by the National Assembly of the Philippines.

What is Philippine Constitution?

Constitution defined: In its broad sense, the term constitution refers to the “body of rules and principles in accordance with which the powers of sovereignty is regularly exercised.”

What rights were granted by the Philippine Constitution to the youth?

Right of Youth

  • Right Equality.
  • Right to Education.
  • Right to Organize.
  • Right to participate in youth programs and policy development.
  • Right to actively participate in the task of nation-building.
  • Right to be brought-up in the spirit of peace, justice, freedom, mutual respect and understanding.
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