What does SG stand for in Singapore?

SG is the two-letter country abbreviation for Singapore.

What does SG girl mean?

Sarong party girl (also known as SPG) is a term used in Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand to describe a local, usually Asian (Chinese, Malay or Indian) woman who exclusively dates or socializes with men of European origin for potential monetary or social benefits.

Is SG a word?

No, sg is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does G mean?

G means “Gay” or “Grin.”

What does SG mean in clothing?

What is the meaning of SG abbreviation in Clothing? The meaning of SG abbreviation is `Soft Gamine` in Clothing.

What is a higher grade?

Definition of ‘Higher Grade’

3. a pass in a particular subject at Higher level.

What does C stand for in matric results?

What is symbol C in matric results? The 60% to 69% mark, symbol C, falls under the substantial achievement level in the National Senior Certificate (NSE) and a second division achievement in the university.

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