What does Filipinos are mild drinkers mean?

What is that one drink that the American soldier always bring everywhere he go in the story we Filipinos are mild drinkers?

At the beginning of the story, the farmer said that GI’s or American soldiers brought whiskey bottles everywhere they go, so the farmer said that it was part of their uniform. This symbolizes their culture, where his favorite drink was whiskey.

What was the favorite story in the barrio about an American soldier and his whiskey?

We Filipinos were very glad to see the Americans back, not so much because they were Americans but because they were not Japanese. In our barrio, drunk Americans became a common site. A favorite story in the barrio then was that of a Yank soldier who stumbled with a bottle of whiskey in his pocket.

What is the conflict in we Filipinos are mild drinkers?

In the short story “We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers,” a peasant farmer struggles to provide hospitality sufficient to an American soldier’s standards. Because the American soldier is in the Philippines with his troop to keep the Filipinos safe from the Japanese during World War II, the farmer wants to return the favor.

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What are the three reasons why Filipinos drink?

We drink for only three good reasons. We drink when we are very happy. We drink when we are very sad. And we drink for any other reason.

What point of view is used in the story we Filipinos are mild drinkers?

The story is told in first person point of view. The Filipino man uses the word “I” to start a sentence. He himself is also the narrator.

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