What countries in the Asean are particularly vulnerable to climate change?

Southeast Asia is one of the most at-risk regions in the world to the impacts on climate change, with forecasted rankings showing six of the twenty countries most vulnerable to climate change worldwide being Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Viet Nam and the Philippines.

Which Asean countries are most at risk from climate change?

The report found that countries with lower levels of per capita GDP, described as Frontier Asia (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan) and Emerging Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), are most at risk from the impacts of climate change.

What countries are most vulnerable to climate change?

The Arctic, Africa, small islands and Asian megadeltas and Australia are regions that are likely to be especially affected by future climate change. Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate variability and change because of multiple existing stresses and low adaptive capacity.

What are the climate change concerns in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is highly vulnerable to climate change as a large proportion of the population and economic activity is concentrated along coastlines; the region is heavily reliant on agriculture for livelihoods; there is a high dependence on natural resources and forestry; and the level of extreme poverty remains high.

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What are the 5 main factors that determine the Earth’s climate?

There are many factors that affect the climate, including: location for latitude and longitude lines, marine currents, vegetation, location for water bodies, terrain, air masses.

Which country in South Asia is most at risk of global warming?

Among the countries of South Asia, Bangladesh is likely to be the worst affected by climate change.

What will be the best country to live in the future?

The United Nations listed Norway as the best country to live in primarily because all of the factors the researchers took into consideration were good marks on behalf of Norway. The European country excels in all the areas that the UN looked at, which you could say is purely based on luck.

Which country is best for climate change?

Netherlands. Netherlands is one of the very first EU counties to announce the elimination of natural gas from its energy mix. Like many other countries, Netherlands also focuses on reducing 49% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 to impede the drastic effects of climate change.

Which is the most polluting country?

The top 10 most polluting countries according to the IPCC:

  • Qatar — 37.05 per capita.
  • Kuwait — 23.49 per capita.
  • Saudi Arabia — 19.39 per capita.
  • Canada — 16.85 per capita.
  • United States — 15.74 per capita.
  • Germany — 9.7 per capita.
  • China — 7.72 per capita.
  • Spain — 6.09 per capita.

How will climate change affect the Southeast?

Key Points: Urban cities in the Southeast are increasingly at risk due to heat, flooding, and vector-borne diseases brought about by a changing climate. Effective climate adaptation can limit these impacts. Locations across the Southeast are experiencing more frequent episodes of extreme heat.

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