What cars are made in Indonesia?

However, in 2020, the flagship model of Honda, Brio, finally overtook Toyota Avanza, as Indonesia’s best-selling car of the year.

Why are cars expensive in Indonesia?

Cars are expensive in Indonesia because of the low standard of living with very low wages. Cars are relatively cheap in developed countries due to a much higher standard of living with high wages.

Does Indonesia have National Car?

The Indonesian government then appointed TPN as a sole ‘national car pioneer‘.

Timor Putra Nasional.

Industry Automotive
Founded 19 February 1996
Founder Tommy Suharto
Headquarters Jakarta, Indonesia
Area served Indonesia

Is Honda made in Indonesia?

Today, AHM has an annual motorcycle production capacity of 3.1 million units, the second largest among all Honda subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. …

Which is the best car in the world?

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  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class. When Mercedes-Benz sets out to make a new S-Class, the brief is to make the best car in the world; simple as that. …
  • Audi E-tron Quattro. We’re now entering reasonably well-established times for the premium electric car. …
  • Audi A8. …
  • Mercedes CLS. …
  • BMW 7 Series. …
  • BMW X7. …
  • Audi Q8. …
  • Lexus LS.
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What is the most expensive car in Indonesia?

81 New Sedan Cars available for sale in the Indonesia, the cheapest new Sedan car is Vios for Rp 254,1 Million and the most expensive one is Ghost for Rp 25 Billion.

New Sedan cars for sale in the Indonesia Price List.

Model Price List
Rolls Royce Phantom Rp 20 – Rp 24 Billion
Bentley Flying Spur Rp 8,9 – Rp 9,8 Billion

How much does an average Indonesian earn?

Indonesia Monthly Earnings stood at 170 USD in Dec 2020, compared with the previous figure of 183 USD in Dec 2019. Indonesia Monthly Earnings data is updated yearly, available from Dec 1991 to Dec 2020, with an average number of 99 USD.

What is the cost of car in Indonesia?

9.28 lakh as per latest exchange rates. The top-end variant, on the other hand, will be priced over IDR 238 million, which is close to Rs. 11.47 lakh, in India.


Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia Price India Exchange Price (approx.)
Ertiga GL AT IDR 222,000,000 Rs. 10.67 lakh
Ertiga GX MT IDR 223,000,000 Rs. 10.72 lakh

How many cars are on the road in Indonesia?

Number of cars in use in Indonesia 2013-2019

The largest number of cars in use was measured in 2018 with around 17 million units.

How many Toyota dealers are there in Indonesia?

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia is Toyota country. After more than 40 years here, Toyota Motor Corp and affiliates including Daihatsu have 450 dealerships and a 54 percent share of the market. General Motors Co has been here even longer – but has just 34 dealers and less than one percent of the market.

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