What can I expect at Universal Studios Singapore?

Can you bring food into Universal Studios Singapore?

Thank you for your interest in Universal Studios Singapore. Outside food and drinks are not allowed in our parks. If you wish, do bring along a water bottle as we have water stations throughout the park. Alternatively, you may exit the park to dine at the other F&B establishments before re-entering the park again.

Is canopy flyer scary?

The Canopy Flyer’s seats hang from below the track, and it moves a fast but not terrifying speed.

Can Bring water bottle to USS?

Water Bottle

There are water coolers available all around the park, so you can bring your personal water bottles and drink up. Drinks sold at the park are also $5 and up.

Are rides free in Universal Studios?

Yes the rides are included as well as the tram tour of the studios. Parking is not included, general parking is around $10 a car and you walk through the shopping/restaurant area to get to the park entrance.

Can I bring a bag to Universal Studios Singapore?

Yes you can bring your bag along for the transformers ride. You’d have to worry about the queue though. It’s a popular ride and the vehicle only takes in 12 people at a time.

Is selfie stick allowed in Universal Studios Singapore?

There isn’t any restrictions on any Selfie sticks. However, inside the rides in USS you cannot take photo / videos. So snap away as many memories as you can!

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