Quick Answer: Who is the Filipino actor in Ratched?

Is Jon Jon Briones Filipino?

Ernesto Cloma Briones Jr., known as Jon Jon Briones (born August 7, 1965) is a Filipino-American actor, best known for his work in musical theatre. He was born in Quezon City, Philippines and became a United States citizen in 2010.

What does Dr Hanover inhale in Ratched?

Hanover is shown bathed in red-light. Clearly under enormous pressure, he is inhaling anaesthetic gas and/or some other kind of medication; to calm the stress on his mind.

WHO IS DR Hanover in real life?

Is Teo Briones in Ratched?

Ratched (TV Series 2020– ) – Teo Briones as Peter – IMDb.

Who is Jon Jon Briones son?

What is hanovers secret?

While Henry ingested the regulated amount of 20 micrograms, Hanover unknowingly consumed 4,000 micrograms. Both of them entered a hallucinogenic state. Henry started telling Hanover a theory he had, believing a deity had once taken his arms and replaced them with someone else’s, resulting in his psychosis.

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