Quick Answer: What cheese goes well with Thai food?

With so many complex flavors in a curry, your best bet is to choose cheeses that are more subtle in taste and texture. Creamy brie and a hard aged goat cheese served at room temperature are the perfect cheeses to let these delicious olives shine.

Is cheese used in Thai cooking?

Mostly well-to-do Thais go these places though as they’re expensive relative to traditional Thai establishments. The average local Thai, though, does not eat cheese much, and I would guess that most don’t eat it at all. Cheese is not an ingredient in Thai cuisine, as you probably know.

What kind of cheese goes well with Korean BBQ?

White cheddar cheese – You should choose any kind of cheese you want. I like the sharp flavor of cheddar cheese, so I used that. Kimchi – Kimchi is a fermented, Korean side dish that is slightly spicy and vinegar-y. This addition cuts through the savory flavors of the rest of the dish, creating more balance.

Thailand isn’t well regarded for dairy consumption, never mind production, so it might be surprising that a small city in the country’s heartland is building a reputation for its cheesemaking. Nakhon Pathom is better known for its universities than for its artisanal dairy products.

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Can you make cheese in the tropics?

Re: Cheese Making, In Tropics

You will still need to be measuring temperature and adjusting as needed. So you will need a good thermometer. If the milk is too cool, you will need to warm it, if too warm, you will need to cool it.

What kind of cheese goes with Korean food?

“When creamy, cottage cheese like mozzarella and Camembert cheese is mixed with Korean food, it gives a buttery taste which makes food taste even better,” Robin said in a recent interview with local media.

Does cheese taste good with soy sauce?

You can season it anyway you like. And soy sauce and a mild cheese would be fine. Many Japanese restaurants today add cheese to their creations so there isn’t a clash between cheese and soy sauce. The only exception I can think of is if it’s a very exotic form of cheese eg muenster that has its own distinctive taste.

What country eats the most cheese?

Countries Who Consume the Most Cheese

Rank Country Cheese Consumption (kg Per Capita)
1 Denmark 28.1
2 Iceland 27.7
3 Finland 27.3
4 France 27.2
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