Question: Who are the Filipino sculptors?

Who are the famous sculptors in the Philippines?

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  • Ramon Abellana.
  • Napoleon Abueva.
  • Agnes Arellano.
  • Bonifacio Arévalo.

How did sculptures develop in the Philippines?

Philippine sculptures have undergone changes in terms of shape, form, content as well as the mediums used. First sculptures were primitive and native materials used are stones and clays. During that time, sculptures created depicted normal life and acts of worship and colors were also limited.

What is the contemporary Filipino?

Contemporary music in the Philippines usually refers to compositions that have adopted ideas and elements from twentieth century art music in the West, as well as the latest trends and musical styles in the entertainment industry. This brief introduction covers only the works written by the art music composers.

Who is the master of Philippine contemporary art?

6. Ronald Ventura. Ronald Ventura is a contemporary Filipino artist known for melding realism, graffiti, and cartoons. He takes inspiration from science fiction, Western history, Asian mythology, and popular comic book characters in creating his art pieces.

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