Question: How many people are using Facebook in Malaysia?

Characteristic Number of users in millions
2021* 24.67
2020 24.81
2019 22.97
2018 21.78

Who uses Facebook in Malaysia?

There were 27 200 000 Facebook users in Malaysia in March 2021, which accounted for 81% of its entire population. The majority of them were men – 53.4%. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (9 300 000).

How many people are using Instagram in Malaysia?

As of March 2021, there were approximately 13.8 million Instagram users in Malaysia.

How many people are using social media in Malaysia?

By 2025, it is estimated that there will be around 30.4 million social network users in the country, up from about 27 million in 2020.

Can you use Facebook in Malaysia?

The most popular social media platforms among users in Malaysia in 2020 were Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and LinkedIn. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has become the most widely used social media platform among social media users in Malaysia.

What age use social media the most in Malaysia?

According to the statistics, majority of social media users in Malaysia are youth aged 13-34.

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As of 2019, the app has 1 billion downloads, 500 million active users worldwide, and 4 million users in Malaysia alone, with a majority of their users being under the age of 30.

Which social media is important for SME in Malaysia?

Unsurprisingly, in our study, FB is the most commonly used SM among SMEs in Malaysia (85.7%).

3. YouTube – As a video media sharing network, it is utilized by Malaysians daily. … Pinterest – Enabling members to share videos and images, Pinterest is ending up being more popular as one of the leading social media due to its big network of members and easy-of-use.

How much time do people spend on social media in Malaysia?

As of the third quarter of 2020, the average daily time spent using the internet by people in Malaysia was around 9.17 hours. In comparison, they spent around 3.01 hours on social media every day.

Why people use social media?

For individuals, social media is used to keep in touch with friends and extended family. Some people will use various social media applications to network career opportunities, find people across the globe with like-minded interests, and share their thoughts, feelings, insights, and emotions.

How many Malaysians are online?

Malaysia: number of internet users 2015-2025

In 2019, 29 million people were accessing the internet in Malaysia. This figure is projected to grow to 33.5 million in 2025.

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