Is vape pod legal in Singapore?

SINGAPORE: While selling or owning electronic vaporisers, or vapes, is illegal in Singapore, this is not stopping people from openly offering these devices online.

Can you get in trouble for shipping vapes?

USPS is no longer legally allowed to handle vape paraphernalia. Vendors cannot legally turn to USPS as a way to ship vape supplies or devices when the new law goes into effect March 27, 2021. The United States Postal Service had 120 days from the signing of the bill to create regulations to impose the ban.

Vaping (smoking with e-cigarette), seen by some as an alternative to smoking, is illegal in Singapore because of its associated health risks. It is an offence under the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act to use, purchase or possess a vaporiser. Those who are convicted can be fined up to S$2,000.

Will Vapes be banned in 2021?

Vape Ban: March 29, 2020 – February 14, 2021

This applies to products, such as e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, e-cigars, vape pens, refillable personal vaporizers, electronic pipes, and any part, component, or accessory of such a device (even if they’re sold separately). There goes your free delivery of vape products!

What is forbidden in Singapore?

Damaging, destroying and stealing public property, as well as drawing, painting, writing, inscribing, and marking any private property without the owner’s consent are considered illegal. Affixing placards, posters, banners, and flags is also prohibited.

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What happens if u vape in Singapore?

The offence carries a penalty of up to S$10,000 in fines and a maximum six months’ jail for the first offence. The prohibition on the possession, use and purchase of e-vaporisers took effect on Feb 1, 2018. Any person who is convicted may be fined up to S$2,000.

How much does RELX vape cost?

The RELX disposable vape pens retail between $5.90 and $11.90 depending on which variation you opt for.

Can you still buy flavored Vapes?

Federal flavor ban goes into effect Thursday, but many flavored vape products will still be available. “Kids have moved on” to other nicotine vapes that will remain on the market. … The ban covers a number of kid-friendly flavorings, such as mint and fruit, though menthol and tobacco flavorings will remain legal.

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