Is Potchi a Filipino candy?

Potchi is the name of a popular line of gummi candies from the Columbia Candy Company of the Philippines. The most widely enjoyed variant is Strawberry Cream.

Who invented Potchi?

Potchi Gummy Dinos

1937 – Columbia was founded by Don Go Peng Kuan in 1937. It started out as a small candy selling business in Divisoria. 1995 – Columbia launched the beloved and first proudly Filipino-made ‘Potchi’ gummi candy.

What is Pochi made of?

Traditional Japanese healthy soft candy which is a mixture of soybean flour, maltose and brown sugar.

Where is Pochi made?

Manufactured by Columbia International Food Products in Navotas City, Philippines.

What is the meaning Potchi?

The name Potchi conjures joyousness, steadfastness and warmth.

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