How much rice does Malaysia produce?

In 2019, the production volume of rice in Malaysia totaled approximately 1.88 million metric tons. Rice is a staple food in Malaysia.

What is the current percentage of rice production in Malaysia?

In 2019, paddy rice yield for Malaysia was 42,550 hg per ha. Paddy rice yield of Malaysia increased from 23,858 hg per ha in 1970 to 42,550 hg per ha in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 1.44%.

How much rice does Malaysia import?

In 2019, the import value of rice to Malaysia was valued at approximately 1.87 billion Malaysian ringgit.

How much rice does Malaysia export?

In 2018, rice exports for Malaysia was 8,585 thousand US dollars. Though Malaysia rice exports fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1969 – 2018 period ending at 8,585 thousand US dollars in 2018.

Does Malaysia have rice fields?

It is vastly grown on the Malaysian Peninsula. About 300,500 hectares on Malaysia Peninsula are devoted to rice production. The temperature regime and the rainfall distribution in the country are suitable for year round cultivation of rice.

Where does Malaysia import rice?

The first such purchase this year is already nearly twice the average annual volume of rice Malaysia has imported from India in the last five years, as rival suppliers such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia placed temporary curbs on exports to save the grain for themselves during the coronavirus crisis.

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Do you know about rice consumption in Malaysia?

For the year 2016, Malaysia’s consumption of rice was at 2.7m MT198 and according to projections by the OECD, the consumption trend is expected to continue to increase as the national population grows (Figure 6.1). … Total apparent consumption = total domestic rice production + import – export.

How much rice is produced in the world?

In crop year 2008/2009, the milled rice production volume amounted to approximately 448.2 million tons worldwide.

World production volume of milled rice from 2008/2009 to 2020/2021 (in million metric tons)

Characteristic Production in million metric tons
2019/2020 497.69
2018/2019 497.34
2017/2018 494.9
2016/2017 486.2

What foods grow in Malaysia?

Oil palm, rubber, cocoa and rice have been and continue to be the major crops grown by the private and public sectors. However, other crops such as coconut, tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers, annual crops etc., are being grown by the smallholders and the private sector.

What food does Malaysia produce?

Palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and wood products account for around half of the output while other significant contributors include tropical fruits and rice. Malaysia is the world’s second largest palm oil producer and exporter after Indonesia.

What type of rice is grown in Malaysia?

The most popular types of rice consumed in Malaysia are white, fragrant, basmati, and brown rice varieties.

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