How much of Cambodia is jungle?

According to the U.N. FAO, 57.2% or about 10,094,000 ha of Cambodia is forested, according to FAO.

What kind of forest does Cambodia have?

96% of the forest area is categorized as naturally regenerated forest. The remaining 3.4% are primary forests and a few plantations (0.7%). Three main types of forest are found in Cambodia: relatively open deciduous forest; generally closed semi-deciduous forest; and evergreen closed forest.

How many forests are there in Cambodia?

We found four main clusters corresponding to traditional qualitative forest types known as evergreen forest, deciduous forest, hill evergreen forest, and swamp forest.

Does Cambodia have a rainforest?

Cambodia has one of the worst deforestation rates in the world. Since 1970, Cambodia’s primary rainforest cover went from over 70 percent in 1970 to 3.1 percent today. According to research led by Matthew Hansen of the University of Maryland, just over 40 percent of Cambodia is densely forested. …

How much of the forests are left?

The world has 4.06 billion remaining hectares of forests, according to the recently released key findings of the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2020. Of this area, only about 1.11 billion hectares are primary forests, or native forests that remain largely undisturbed by humans.

Why does deforestation happen in Cambodia?

Commodity production has driven the bulk of tree cover loss in Cambodia. Rubber plantations recently experienced a surge of expansion, fueled by international consumer demand. This commodity-driven deforestation is especially problematic because it results in permanent forest loss.

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