How can I get unmarried certificate in Philippines?

You can apply for this document online via the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) (formerly known as NSO) and Ecensus. You will receive your certificate printed on security paper with a barcode.

How can I get Cenomar online?

Step-by-step Guide:

  1. Go to the official website of PSA Helpline.
  2. Click the ‘Order Now’ tab.
  3. Click ‘CENOMAR’ from the list of service options.
  4. Click the Purpose of the request from the given options.
  5. On the next page, you’ll be asked to provide your personal information like name, birthday, and parents’ names.

Can I get certificate of no marriage online?

A Certificate of No Marriage is really needed in getting married. It proves that the owner has not yet contracted marriage or that he or she is widowed. You can get it online or through a walk-in.

What are the requirements for certificate of no marriage?

CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

  • Complete name of the person.
  • Complete name of the father.
  • Complete maiden name of the mother.
  • Date of birth.
  • Place of birth.
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party.
  • Number of copies needed.
  • Purpose of the certification.

How much is the Cenomar?

The certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) will increase to PhP210 from the previous fee of PhP195. The fees for authentication of birth, marriage, and death certificates will increase to PhP155 from PhP125, while for CENOMAR the fee will be PhP210 from PhP180.

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Can I get Cenomar at SM?

How and where to get it: To get your CENOMAR, you can place a request at an SM Business Service Center at SM Supermalls. … For more information about the SM Business Service Center and other government satellite offices at SM Supermalls, you can visit the mall directory.

Is Cenomar have expiration?

Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) printed on NSO security paper and authenticated by the DFA. Please note that the CENOMAR is valid for only six (6) months from the date of issuance by the NSO.

What is certificate of no marriage?

If you’re going overseas to get married, you may need a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI). Authorities overseas may ask for a CNI to prove you’re free to marry.

How much is annulment in Philippines?

The total cost of annulment in the Philippines is somewhere in between Php 200,000 and Php500,000 – assuming that the annulment goes uncontested. If either party challenges the case, the costs can balloon to a million or so. Pricing schemes vary among law firms in the Philippines.

How do I get a certificate of no improvement in the Philippines?


  1. Filled out Request Form or written request.
  2. Documentary Stamp (1 pc. per document)
  3. Photocopy of owner’s copy of Tax Declaration of subject property.
  4. Photocopy of latest Real Property or Tax Clearance.

How long to get marriage certificate after wedding in the Philippines?

You can get a copy of your Marriage Certificate 10 working days after your officiant has submitted it at the Local Civil Registrar. As for your PSA Certificate of Marriage, you will need to wait for 2-3 months to get a PSA Copy.

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