How can I get Ren in Malaysia?

A REN gains their accreditation through attending a two-day course known as the ‘Negotiators Certificate’. Once they have proof of completion, a real estate firm can apply to have them registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEA) as a REN.

How can I get Ren license in Malaysia?

Before you can apply for a REN Tag, you will first need to attend the 2 Days Negotiator Certification Course and receive a Certificate of Attendance from BOVAEP. Upon successful submission of your REN application to BOVAEP, BOVAEP will take approximately 7 to 14 working days to issue the REN Tag.

How can I find a property agent in Malaysia?

The Quick Respond (QR) code can be verified using a smartphone. It contains all the negotiator information including their photograph. If in doubt, conduct a search at or website under Negotiator Search. Alternatively, call BOVAEA during the office hours at 603-22876666.

What is Ren in property?

A Real Estate Negotiator (REN) is an individual who is employed by a registered Estate Agent. They are not registered with the Board but certified to practice.

Are Rens required to renew Ren tags every year?

Yes, they can. Majority of these are primary or new properties or new projects for developers. However, they are required by law to wear the REN Tag at all times.

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How do I become a Ren?

To be qualified as an REN, you must first attain the following requirements to be employed by the Real Estate firm;

  1. Complete a two-day course called the Negotiator’s Certification Course, with modules that include the basics of estate agency best-practice, laws, and regulations.
  2. Obtain a certificate of attendance.

How do I know if an agent is legit?

How to avoid Scams and Fraudulent Listings?

  1. Visit the Property in Person.
  2. Ask to speak to current renters.
  3. Only contact reliable Real Estate Companies.
  4. Ask for Real Estate License to your agent.
  5. Never pay with Cash or Wire Transfer.
  6. Double-check prices and rent before signing the lease.

How do I verify a property agent?

The best way to identify whether your agent or negotiator is who they claim to be, is to scan the QR code provided on their ID tag. The QR code will open up a link to their REN/REA profile, with all the necessary information, plus their photograph too.

What is Ren tag?

REN Tag is an identification tag issued to a real estate negotiator (REN). It contains all the information including their name, photo, IC no, REN no, firm name, firm registration no, quick respond code (QR) and security features, This tag must be worn by the REN at all times during their conduct od business.

How do I become a property negotiator?

Any person over the age of 18 is eligible to be a real estate negotiator (REN) where he or she must be attached with a registered firm on a full-time basis and attend a two-day course, Negotiator Certification Course by BOVAEA-approved training providers, adds Lim.

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What is the difference between Rea and res?

REA- the exam for agent keen to set his own agency. RES- the exam for agent planning to be salesperson.

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