How activate CIMB Clicks Singapore?

How can I activate my CIMB account in Singapore?

Logon to CIMB Clicks Malaysia. Go to Services > Link Account > Singapore Accounts. Key in your ID No. / Passport No.

How can I get CIMB click activation code?

Please contact CIMB At-Your-Service at +65 6333 7777 and we will send you a new Activation Code to your registered mobile number within 1 working day. Alternatively, you may visit any of our branches to request for the Activation Code which will be instantly issued to you.

How can I activate my CIMB ATM card in Singapore?

How do I activate my CIMB ATM card? Your ATM card can only be used at CIMB machines locally and you need to activate it before use. You can activate your ATM card by submitting your request online.

How can I activate my CIMB account?

To re-activate your UpSave Account, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Products > My Accounts > Current Balance.
  2. View your account details and tap on Status > Reactivate Account.
  3. Input your First Name and Mother’s Maiden Name.
  4. Input the OTP sent to your mobile number.
  5. The account will be successfully reactivated.

How can I activate my CIMB FastSaver account?

You can activate your CIMB FastSaver account by transferring the initial deposit of S$1,000 from your CIMB Bank Singapore Savings and/or Current Account using CIMB Clicks.

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Can I change CIMB Clicks User ID?

Can I change my User ID? You are not allowed to change your User ID.

How can I check my account details in CIMB Clicks?

Please select “My Accounts” > click on the chosen credit card name > click on “More account details” to view more credit card details.

How can I activate my CIMB ATM card?

How do I activate my card?

  1. Go to “My Card” under “Product”
  2. Select “Activate Card”
  3. Key in the last 4 digits of your debit card.
  4. Set your 6-digit transaction PIN.
  5. Debit Card will be successfully activated.

Can I use Malaysia CIMB ATM card in Singapore?

CIMB Overseas ATM Withdrawal. CIMB cross-border network has over 3,750 CIMB ATMs which can serve you throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. CIMB overseas withdrawal is FREE of charge and it can be very useful if you’re travelling into the 5 ASEAN countries they have services in.

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