Frequent question: Why is beef so expensive in Indonesia?

The price of beef doubled after Indonesia’s president slashed the beef import quota by almost two-thirds last year. The government plans more cuts in imports later this year. … These days, a kilogram of beef costs more than $13.

Is beef expensive in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s domestic beef makes up 65 per cent of the overall market, but it is priced at a premium, leaving many wet markets relying on imported feeder cattle to supply smaller volume customers.

Is beef allowed in Indonesia?

AUSTRALIA’S boxed beef and offal export trade into Indonesia is under serious challenge following renewed efforts by the Indonesian government to curb meat and livestock imports in an attempt to stimulate greater self-sufficiency in beef production.

Why is beef so expensive in 2021?

COVID-19 then caused disruption to meat processing, but beef demand remained robust, adding further demand for imports. In 2020, Chinese imports of fresh and frozen beef rose by 28% year-on-year, rising by a further 20% year-on-year during the first quarter of 2021.

Are meat prices still high?

In the U.S., retail ground-beef prices have surged about 6% since before the pandemic. In May, fresh meat retail sales were down more than 12% compared with a year ago, according to NielsenIQ data.

Why is meat expensive now?

In the spring of 2020, several meatpacking plants were suddenly shut down because of coronavirus outbreaks among employees. Those closures, combined with high demand from consumers rushing to fill pantries and refrigerators, sent processed beef prices soaring.

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Why is skirt steak so expensive now?

Jeff Savell, a professor of animal science at Texas A & M. ”The price is through the roof because demand for skirt steak is now exceeding the supply. … There are actually two parts to the skirt steak: the outside, preferable because it is thicker and has more fat, and the inside.

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