Frequent question: What is the current situation of forest in the Philippines?

The forest area of the Philippines is estimated to have declined from 12 million hectares in 1960 to a current level of about 5.7 million hectares (which includes less than 1 million hectares of virgin forest largely confined to very steep and inaccessible areas).

How much is the remaining forest cover of the Philippines Latest What are the threats to our Philippine forest?

Among plants, the number is around 40 percent. Only about 5 percent of the Philippines land area is under some form of protection. Estimates of current forest cover in the Philippines are highly variable between sources.

A closer look at the forests of the Philippines.

Forest gain 4356
Forest loss 16446

Is the Philippines rich in forests?

Forests are among the most valuable natural resources in the Philippines. They provide a range of ecosystem services, ranging from the provision of food crops, livestock and fish to providing recreational experiences. In 2013, the forestry sector contributed PhP5.

What is the Philippines doing to stop deforestation?

The Southeast Asian country aims to reduce its emissions from deforestation and slash-and-burn farming largely through a scheme called REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), in which developing countries are compensated for protecting their forests.

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What is illegal logging in the Philippines?

Illegal logging is the harvesting, processing, transporting, buying or selling of timber in contravention of national and international laws.

How is Philippines affected by climate change?

Impacts of climate change in the Philippines are immense, including: annual losses in GDP, changes in rainfall patterns and distribution, droughts, threats to biodiversity and food security, sea level rise, public health risks, and endangerment of vulnerable groups such as women and indigenous people.

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