Frequent question: How long does it take to make a passport in Cambodia?

It takes ten working days to get a new passport after submitting the application. Please download the application form here DS-11, DS-3053 (Statement of Consent). If your child was less than five years old when the previous passport was issued, please provide progression photos of him/her.

How much does it cost to get a passport in Cambodia?

Since 17 July 2014, the Cambodian government introduced the new biometric passport, which is now valid for 10 years.

Cambodian passport.

Cambodian passport លិខិតឆ្លងដែន
Cost $100 (10 years) $80 (5 years)

How long does it take to get a Cambodian passport?

Applications for Cambodian citizenship are processed by the Ministry of Interior, and the process generally takes two to three months.

How can I get Cambodian passport?

Cambodia – Apply for a new passport

  1. Prepare all your required documents for a new passport application. …
  2. Visit a passport office to submit your documents and to fill a passport application form that will be provided at the passport office.
  3. It may require the help of an agent to assist you through the process.

How long does it take for my passport to be ready?

Passport Services Available Now

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Routine service can take up to 18 weeks from the day an application is submitted to the day a new passport is received. The 18-week timeframe includes up to 12 weeks for processing and 5 to 6 weeks for mailing times on the front and back end.

Does Cambodia allow dual citizenship?

Cambodian citizenship is granted to those born to at least one Khmer parent regardless of the place of birth. … Cambodia imposes no restrictions on dual citizenship. In fact, Cambodia has permitted dual citizenship since 1996.

Is Vietnam cheaper than Cambodia?

A week in Cambodia can cost you about $346 (per person), while a week in Vietnam may cost you around $369. These differences become even more noticable if you plan to spend a longer time in the country. 10 days, two weeks, or even one month of travel to Cambodia or Vietnam can really add to your travel budget.

Is Cambodia issuing tourist visas?

Visas to Cambodia can only be obtained at a Cambodian embassy or consulate, and tourist visas are not available. Visa exemptions, visa-on-arrival, and electronic visas are currently suspended.

How powerful is the Cambodian passport?

As of 28 September 2019, Cambodian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 53 countries and territories, ranking the Cambodian passport 88th in terms of travel freedom (tied with the passports of Equatorial Guinea and Turkmenistan) according to the Henley & Partners Passport Index.

What are the visa requirements for Cambodia?

You will need a valid passport and a Cambodian visa to enter Cambodia. Tourist and business visas are valid for one month from the date of entry into Cambodia. Cambodia offers on-line visa processing. You may also apply in person at the Cambodian Embassy located at 4530 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20011, tel.

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Where can you go with a Cambodian passport?

Cambodian citizens can travel to 22 visa free countries

  • Vietnam. Visa Free. 1 month • …
  • Laos. Visa Free. 1 month • …
  • Thailand. Visa Free. 2 weeks • …
  • Myanmar. Visa Free. 2 weeks • …
  • Singapore. Visa Free. 1 month • …
  • Brunei. Visa Free. 2 weeks • …
  • Malaysia. Visa Free. 1 month • …
  • Philippines. Visa Free. 1 month •
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