Does Singapore have whale shark?

The largest fish in the world, the whale shark has not been reported in Singapore waters since 1964. When a 8.8 metre-long whale shark was last sighted in 1964 near Pulau Sebarok, a southern island in Singapore, it was shot by marine police 13 times, according to an archived copy of the Straits Times.

Does Singapore have whales?

SINGAPORE — The carcass of a sperm whale was discovered this morning (July 10) floating near Jurong Island — the first time the species has been sighted in Singapore. The person who had discovered it posted about it on social media.

What country has the most whale sharks?

While Mexico is still the number one global hotspot for individuals (more than 2,400) and Australia has a large population on the database, the Philippines have one of the longest datasets on whale sharks in the world that dates back to WWF-Philippines implementing photo-ID research in Donsol in 2006.

Has a whale shark ever killed a human?

These huge animals are not dangerous. Whale sharks have never attacked humans. On the contrary, we are a potential danger to them.

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