Can you swim with dolphins in Singapore?

Dolphin Island offers a range of programmes that will give you the opportunity to meet them up-close. Our unique programmes give you the chance to interact with the dolphins, which will be an unforgettable experience. … Arrange your interaction session to learn more about the dolphins today!

Does Singapore have dolphins?

Lazarus Island is part of Singapore’s cluster of Southern Islands, and is a 15 minutes’ walk from St. John’s Island. … This is not the first time wild dolphins have been spotted in Singapore, as they are multiple sightings of them in a year.

Where can I play with dolphins?

Here are the top 5 destinations to swim with dolphins around the world.

  • Akaroa, New Zealand. …
  • Oahu and Kona, Hawaii. …
  • Azores Archipelago. …
  • Bimini, Bahamas. …
  • The Red Sea.

Are there pink dolphins in Singapore?

Following the surprise appearance made by a macaque at Marina Bay, one dolphin has been sighted in the southern waters of Singapore. The rare sighting of an Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin (Sousa chinensis), also known as a pink dolphin, was shared by the chair of the Friends of Marine Park community, Stephen Beng.

What to bring to swim with dolphins?

Take only your bathing suit to the dolphin swim party

Dolphins have highly sensitive skin. So don’t wear sunscreen, oils, perfumes or lotions when you enter the lagoon areas. Likewise, electronic devices, jewelry, watches and even hats should be left on dry land, in order to avoid any risk to the dolphins.

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