Best answer: What happened in Vietnam this is us?

This Is Us Hid a Huge Clue About Nicky’s Accident in Vietnam, and You Probably Missed It. … After being hesitant to show kindness to the people in the village, Nicky finally bonds with the young boy of the Vietnamese woman. As a result, Nicky decides to take him fishing in the boat.

What happened to Jack in Vietnam in this is us?

The boat explosion in Vietnam that caused Jack to dive in the water after his brother left Nicky unscathed physically, but because it claimed the life of a local boy, he was quite scarred mentally.

Did they go to Vietnam in this is us?

But what we’re watching for here isn’t the Vietnam stuff, not really. The episode begins with Jack finally encountering Nick in Vietnam for the first time; it shows us that the two brothers are emotionally ruined in very different ways, and then it begins skipping backward in time. … He went to Vietnam. He died there.

What happened between Nicky and Jack This is us?

While the brothers are serving in the Vietnam War, Nicky accidentally kills a young boy named Lanh (Tan Ly). Before the horrific accident, Jack is seen talking to Nicky, who’s been having a hard time in the war, and took to drinking and doing drugs to numb his pain.

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Does Kevin find Nicky in this is us?

Then in season 3, Kevin (Justin Hartley) discovered a post-war postcard from Nicky to Jack and the Big Three discovered that their uncle, who was struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, was in fact alive and living in an old trailer in Bradford, Pennsylvania, where he still lives.

Why did Jack’s dad start drinking on This Is Us?

Jack has to drink booze to survive the ride home from the hospital, Rebecca is teetering between her grief after losing a child and her fear of being a terrible mother because of it, but both assure one another that they will be better than their own parents. That’s nice because their own parents were pretty terrible.

Did Jack have a kid in Vietnam?

At the time, Jack had told his son that “someone very special” had given it to him in Vietnam during a very low point in his life, though he didn’t specify who this person was. Originally, some may have assumed it had belonged to his brother, but we now know that was not the case.

What happened to Sally on This Is Us?

But now, many This Is Us fans will remember her as Nicky’s lost love. Throughout the March 23 episode, viewers watched as Nicky and Sally fell head over heels after Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimilia) stepped in on behalf of his brother.

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