Best answer: How much is the fare from Manila to Baguio via Victory Liner?

Fare is 800 pesos. First trip is as early as 1:15AM and the last trip is 11:15 AM.

How much is the Victory Liner to Baguio?


Origin Destination Price
Pasay Baguio ₱800.00
Pasay Baguio ₱496.00
Pasay Dagupan ₱392.00
Pasay Lingayen ₱418.00

Is there a bus from Manila to Baguio now?

There are now new buses going to Baguio which has a smoother ride and more pleasant. Depending on where you are coming from in Manila, Baguio is only four to six hours away. The travel time when it comes to regular buses going Baguio is around 6 hours. These usually take NLEX or SCTEX and make one or two stops.

How do I get from Manila to Baguio?

There are two main ways how to commute from Manila to Baguio- through a bus or a private van. If you prefer going to Baguio in a bus. There are a few buses companies getting to Baguio from Manila: Genesis Transport: Cubao Dagupan Bus Lines, Partas, Victory Liner and Joy Bus.

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Is there a trip from Manila to Baguio?

Baguio is only 4-6 hours away from Manila, depending on which part of Manila you’re coming from, which route the bus takes, and whether or not it makes a stop along the way. Regular buses usually take Dau Exit (NLEX) or Concepcion Exit (SCTEX) and make at least one stop. Travel time is around 6 hours.

How do you get a Victory Liner ticket?

First Option

Choose your bus (First Class or Regular AC) and travel time. Then, click “Book Now”. Fill in the needed details. You can also choose to select your own seats.

How much is fare from Manila to Baguio?

Fare is 800 pesos. Please see below details. For Regular Aircon, Victory Liner Cubao Terminal has 34 trips going to Baguio, so expect a trip going to Baguio every hour.

How much is the toll fee from Manila to Baguio?

But that also means that toll fees from Manila to Baguio will be more expensive. Php 340 is the road fee that drivers need to pay when going from Mindanao Extension to Tarlac, while Victoria to Pozorrubio is 270 Php. Therefore, a one-way trip to Baguio and a return trip to Manila will cost around Php 610.

How many hours travel from Manila to Ilocos?

Total driving time from Manila to Laoag is about 8 hours. GV Florida Transport buses depart from Sampaloc, Manila terminal to Laoag every four hours daily. Partas Bus Line also has daily trips to Laoag from Cubao, Quezon City.

Is Baguio open for tourist now 2021?

After the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, Baguio City has reopened its doors to tourists. … As of March 2021, the City of Pines is accepting only 750 visitors per day. Hence, prior to their trip, travelers entering city must schedule their visit online beforehand.

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What is the best month to go to Baguio?

The best months for good weather in Baguio are January, February, March and December. On average, it is hot all year round. The rainiest months are July, August and September.

Is it OK to go to Baguio now?

In an effort to slowly revive tourism, Baguio City has opened its gates to tourists. However, as precaution, safety protocols are still enforced. Leisure travelers are required to sign up for a Baguio VISITA account, schedule their visit, and follow the health protocols during their stay.

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