Best answer: How much is a real Christmas tree in Singapore?

One of several nurseries in the Thomson area, Island Group stocks Noble Fir Christmas trees. These can cost between $128 to $258 depending on the height of the tree.

How much does a Christmas tree cost in Singapore?

5 places to buy real Christmas trees (live pine trees)

Shop Starting price
Cold Storage $99
Candy Floriculture $108
Far East Flora $120.10
Bedok Garden & Landscaping $120.10

How do I dispose of my Christmas tree in Singapore?

If you wish to dispose your tree yourself, saw the tree in small pieces (about 1.5 feet in length) and dispose it properly, with the ornaments, lights and metal wiring thrown separately. However, if your tree is more than 12 feet in height, it is recommended that you hire a professional to dispose your tree.

Do Christmas trees grow in Singapore?

Yet all year round, there are signs of Christmas cheer in verdant Singapore. Mr Oh Cheow Sheng, group director for streetscape at the National Parks Board (NParks) said sub-tropical and tropical conifers – a group of trees including the iconic Christmas pine – can be found in Singapore’s green spaces.

Why are Christmas trees so expensive 2020?

Due to a conflation of pandemic-related reasons, Christmas trees are significantly more expensive this year. … There is a huge demand for trees this year and some people are even heading to tree farms where they can cut down their own tree.

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Why are fake Christmas trees so expensive?

As for fake trees, USA Today adds that they’re expected to be even more expensive next year due to recent importing tariffs due to go into effect December 15 — so basically, if you are on the market for a fake tree — like these ombré ones we are TOTALLY obsessed with — buy it asap!

When should I buy a real Christmas tree?

Most people opt for the first weekend in December to install their tree. We normally still have plenty of stock left in the second weekend of December too. We would recommend buying before the third weekend in December where possible, especially if demand has been high earlier in the month.

Can pine tree survive in Singapore?

Wilbur Su said: The closest native pine tree to Singapore is the Sumatran Pine (Pinus merkusii). Otherwise in Southeast Asia you have the Tenasserim Pine (Pinus latteri). Most likely though, you will have to go to the north to find pine forests that look like the picture that you posted.

How do I keep mosquitoes away from my Christmas tree?

Make sure the water level does not go below the base of the tree. Add mosquito granules to the water to prevent mosquito breeding. When decorating, it is advisable to use low heat-producing lights or miniature lights, so the tree does not dry out fast.

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